What we do

Simply said, we sell polymer as well as services related to polymer applications. However, we do more than that!


Soil Net LLC was founded in 2002 with the goal of marketing out erosion control and dust abatement technologies. The name Soil Net reflects the use of our original polymer based soil stabilization product. Conventional farming and construction techniques have led to the accumulation of silt in the watershed, which destroys habitat as well as algae blooms choking lakes and rivers. Soil Net LLC was initially created in response to these issues.  Our polymer-based formula forms a stabilizing “net” to keep the soil, fertilizer, as well as more harmful pollutants from being eroded during construction and rainfall events. Different formulations work in a similar way to keep dust from the air, protecting visibility, mobility, and respiratory health. Water is one of our most valuable resources and our logo stands for our commitment to allow for development and progress while keeping it out of or water.


Research has been central to our growth over time and the development of polymer technology at Soil Net LLC’s state of the art laboratory space in Belleville, WI has led to many technological breakthroughs and patents. In conjunction with our partners across the globe we have licensed novel solutions for consumer lawn and garden, sugar production, cassava processing, mining, sand settling, livestock manure, vegetable oil, waste oil, biodiesel, cheese production, ethanol/cellulosic ethanol production.


To improve the efficacy of our custom solutions and patented technologies we offer state of the art processing equipment and automation. That being said large investments are not at all required, we are successful because Soil Net solutions improve our customer’s bottom line.  We are not an equipment company or a chemical company we are a solutions company. Our customers are our partners, and a Soil Net solution will grow and evolve with your company.


Besides the use of polymer, we also developed the non-polymer application such as fiber modification, fertilizer utilization, and physical solid-liquid separation (equipment use optimization).


Currently, we are developing our analysis lab with state of the art equipment we are pleased to offer our customers unparalleled research capabilities for quality control and efficiency monitoring. The Lab is equipped with X-Ray Fluorescence and combustion analysis for determination of elemental concentrations, X-ray Diffraction and IR spectra for molecular compound identification, gas chromatography, particle sizes distribution, rheology, crystallinity, and a wide variety of soil and plant analysis methods.



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