Solid-Liquid Separation

Manure separation

Mining effluent separation

DDG separation

Solid-liquid separation is mandatory step in waste/effluent treatment in most industries. This step at Soil Net can be simplified by either using equipment like rotary screening, screw press of multi-disc press, or polymer application, or combination of both methods. Our current technology can remove up to 99.8% of total solid in effluent treatment depends on the characteristics of the sample of we will work on.


Applications have been developed:


Types of products:


  • Anionic polymers
  • Cationic polymers
  • Coagulants
  • Designed equipments


Please note: in most cases, treatment with polymer does the job of eliminating major amount of solid in waste water but do not provide the full technology to the level of discharge. Polymer only attach to the solid and any elements that the solids come with. It does not do the job of a chemical compound to separate sole chemical element. For example, our polymer can take out 90% of Phosphorus AND 65% of Nitrogen from manure by separate its solid. However, we don't separate P by itself and leave N in manure for land application.

Polymers and Equipment used in solid-liquid separation

Sewage effluent separation

Brown grease separation

Cheese waste separation

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