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Research and Development is a corner stone of Soil Net LLC. Our efforts and expertise are dedicated to continuously perfecting our existing products, discovering new products for existing applications and finding new applications for our core polymer technologies. Collaboration with our customers on specific needs is paramount to our success. Soil Net is committed to developing products that have the minimum possible environmental impact and is a prime manufacturer and distributor of products which are widely used in: juices, foods and beverages, drinking water, animal feed, fertilizer, lawn-care, public and private land management as well as rivers and lakes. We offer expert consultation along with products to protect delicate natural resources such as wetlands to coexist with developments like mining, farming, livestock and construction. With our broad product range and record of innovative research, Soil Net has a unique commitment to the environment and an unparalleled knowledge of the specialty polymer marketplace.


At our purpose built facility in Belleville, Wisconsin, we are constantly working on current products as well as working with our clients/partners to enhance and improve on their past and future processes and products. In this way we are able to apply more than 30 years of experience in the agricultural, industrial, waste management and polymer technology fields.


Through our advances and ideas we have been able to approach companies around the world with solutions to problems that have long been considered “the cost of doing business”. Creating numerous new processes and patenting new technologies all along the way.

From a research standpoint Soil Net has developed working relationships to:

- Develop novel method of traditional (corn, sugar cane, cassava) and cellulosic ethanol production

- Eliminate the environmental hazard involved in manure field application

- Reduce the environmental footprint of manure lagoons and tailings ponds

- Improve efficiency of anaerobic digesters with diverse feedstocks (municipalities, livestock)

- Improve the life expectancy and efficiency of field equipment for oil drilling, mining, and waste processing

- Provide XRF/XRD data analysis in the agriculture, food and fuel industries

- Rheometry for the polymer, waste, food and fuel industries

- Pre-certification Rainfall simulations to eliminate failure from testing cert. sites (ie TRI and TTI testing)

- Patent creation and Legal suits (patent challenges/data for inclusion, expert testimony)


Product development has been a long standing business for us and we have been able to create retail-ready products for companies in:

- Large scale agriculture (fertilizer, moisture retention, erosion control)

- Home garden (custom mulches and other aesthetics)

- Seed (seed coatings, substrate creation)

- Municipal and private waste (food waste, fuel waste, grease removal)

- Feedstock (low-cost feed sources from waste)

- Cosmetics (adhesives)

- Government compliance (DOT/EPA regulations)

- Landscaping (bio-degradable adhesives, seed stabilizers and tree/root protection)


All flocculants have been certified for:  Kosher, NSF (potable water) and green friendly



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