Soil Net team

Aicardo Roa


Aicardo Roa-Espinosa is the founder and President of Soil Net LLC.  He received his Ph.D from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Biological Systems Engineering department. Under his leadership, Soil Net specializes in proprietary polymers and processes specific to the customer project.

 Dr. Roa-Espinosa is responsible for the research and formulation of polymer solutions for any material in a liquid and for the transformative development of new products for separated streams. Soil Net LLC uses proprietary technologies for the bio-conversion of liquids in reusable products. Dr. Roa-Espinosa is responsible for the development of proprietary technologies for the transformation of solids into value-added products, such as fertilizers, proteins, amino acids, plastics, and conversion of fiber to sugars.


Sue Byram


Sue Byram is the financial officer for Soil Net LLC. She administered Soil Net’s major subcontract under the University of Wisconsin USDA grant. She is also responsible for invoicing, payables and receivables. Sue has a Master of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Toronto and extensive business management training and experience. She co-founded California Scientific Systems, grew it, and sold it successfully four years later. She then became Business Manager for crystallographic systems at Bruker, a global manufacturer of scientific instruments. Sue is proud to contribute to the growth of Soil Net LLC.

Ibrahim Saeed


"I worked as the lead analyst and senior instrumentation specialist at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Soil and Plant Analysis Lab for more than 15 years. In addition, I have long experience in scientific research with a focus in the area of environmental fate of pesticides and the concentration of heavy metals in the environment. I also collaborated in research focusing on the impact of dietary changes on the incidence of kidney stones. Lately, I have been involved in research in the area of plant pathogenic nematodes and their control. Although I do not have teaching responsibilities, I have been training University of Wisconsin students and staff on the use of analytical instrumentation and analytical methods. "

Samuel Roa


Sam works at Soil Net as Lab manager. He started working in erosion control when he was still in high school and is considered as one of the most experienced members. He is the key to all Soil Net activities from bench scale work to actual operation. Sam works on all equipment at Soil Net regardless if it is the pilot-scale unit for demonstration purposes or the analysis lab for data. Working in the field, co-operating with our associated team is his favorite in Soil Net business. Sam is also the spokesperson of Soil Net when Dr. Roa is not around.



Michelle Pham


Michelle's starting point was a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. She graduated from Nelson Institute, University of Wisconsin - Madison in 2014 with a Master's degree in Environmental Science. She has a wide range of experience from customer service, to current practices on environmental issues, especially on effluent treatment with polymer, renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission. Her job at Soil Net includes working on polymer solutions, providing solutions to new customers' requests, responding to new inquiries' emails, and being a member in our new analysis lab.

Camilo Perez


Camilo has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the National University of Colombia, and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His expertise is in transport phenomena, rheology of suspensions and solid-liquid separation.

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