Erosion and Dust Control

Tested lots with one side applied polymer and the other side without polymer. Because polymer helped to retain water, grasses grew thicker, and faster.

Erosion Control/ Dust Control polymer products are compositions of soil binders and coagulants that create a net over the aggregates of the soil trapping the finer particles such as the silts and clays from being carried away by rainfall. Soil Net products are, not only environmentally safe but designed specifically to minimize the effects erosion from construction and agriculture on the environment.


Examples of application:

  • Construction of subdivision and individual homes
  • Construction of industrial parks and buildings
  • Construction of swales and ditches
  • Road construction and grading of steep slopes
  • Golf course development
  • Agricultural tilling and spring runoff on bare soil
  • Erosion control for agricultural lands
  • Water clarification
  • Irrigation
  • Dragging and soil restoration
  • Seed germination


Types of products:


  • Solid form
  • Emulsion form
  • Ready-to-apply form

Polymer application method could be quite flexible depends on the amount, form of polymer, and what we already had on the site.

Polymer does the job of stabilizing the surface of the soil (mostly sand) in dust control at our customers' site.

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